Some words without context are causing problems

(Alex Silva23) #1

Hi, guys!

So, I’m here to ask some questions about “American English”. I’ve been getting a lot of problems with this course, making a lot of mistakes and I can’t understand why the Menrise Staff don’t put a “little” context in those words, phrases?

Let me show you an example:

to earn - ganhar

If the example appear in portuguese, probably I’ll put “win” in the answer, because I really don’t know the context. It’s impossible to know the context and the Menrise app just accept one word as the correct answer.

Let me show another one:

perhaps - talvez

If it appears in portuguese, we can answer “maybe” as well. But Menrise app doesn’t accept. Because we haven’t a context to know what’s the correct answer. No one is a robot to save in their mind all of the words. We’re here to learn. It’s very tough!!!

What I’m talking about is, we need that the staff put the context between the parentheses, and let we know the difference among those words. We can’t memorize a lot of words, it’s impossible!

Let me show the last example:

also - também
as well - também

town - cidade
city - cidade

store - loja
shop - loja

to mind
to matter

Those examples are very confused when we haven’t a context and when the example comes in portuguese…

I hope you guys, can understand me. So, that’s it!

(Macmiller194083) #2

I agree. In Russian how am I to know if the correct answer to “orange” will be the fruit, “апельсин” or the color, “оранжевый”?

(Fflorian) #3

When both words are present in the official courses, try reporting it in the dedicated thread and they’ll update to something like “orange (colour)” and “orange (fruit)”

(Macmiller194083) #4

I read all the information about how to use the forum, but i didn’t understand how to get to the dedicated thread. Sorry for posting this in the wrong spot.