Some Words are missing in the course "Mimikara Oboeru Vocab N3"

Some words in that courses are missing.
I don’t know how to contact to course creator.
Be careful everyone who learn using that course.

掌理 repair
掌理 should be updated to 修理.

関心 admiration; praiseworthy
関心 should be updated to 感心.

発見 invention
発見 should be updated to 発明.

グルーポ is missing for the meaning of “group”.
I think it should be updated to グループ.

インタビョー is missing for the meaning of “Interview” . It should be updated to インタビュー.

めるい is missing for the meaning of “lukewarm”. めるい should be updated to ぬるい.

An Admin could be able to make you contributor so you can edit any mistakes yourself. If that doesnt work then see if he has a forum account. If he does not possess one theres not much you can do

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Thank you.
Now, I’ve created a copy & modified version of that course. I’ll fix errors in my version.

Wow. That mustve taken a while

I had just exported the words using a tool from github and modified.

The words from my modified version of this course can be found at the following file.