Some vocabulary & grammar is still Brazilian

For the course, some vocabulary or spelling is still Brazilian Portuguese:

Portuguese 2:

  • Socks - Should be peúgas (POR), not meias (BR)
  • Both ‘why’ and ‘because’ are written as ‘porque’

Portuguese 3: Uma infecção (BR) should be uma infeção (POR)

Portuguese 6:

  • Suntan lotion (should be sunscreen) - Is Protetor solar instead of Protector solar
  • um actor/uma actriz should be um ator/uma atriz
  • Similarly, current should be ‘atual’ not ‘actual’
  • The action: Should be uma ação instead of uma acção
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Thank you for pointing this out, I am learning European Portuguese and will adjust my memory for socks!

I just made another edit, feel free to add any remarks :slight_smile:


this is the relevant thread for the official EU PT 1-7 series: [Course Forum] Portuguese (European) 1 to 7 by Memrise

Only this is monitored by the Memrise team / course owners, so make sure to copy over your suggestions.