Some questions have the same answer

Getting very frustrated when two identical answers are offered, but only one is considered correct. What kind of computer program can’t recognize that two answers are identical?! It would appear to be a 50/50 chance getting it right… but for some reason I almost always get it wrong, like a rigged shell game. Extremely frustrating. Do not pass the blame on to the creator of the course. The program should know better. So much for your “super smart” algorithm. :frowning:

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I have the same problem, I have a level about “Colors” in my course, And there is a lot of answers like “yellow” or “red” and when the answers show up, I don’t know which “yellow” is the correct answer!! The only solution that come to my mind is this:
Question: People notice ye… objects first - Answer: llow :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
But now it’s not really a question, is it?

Hi, thanks for raising this issue. Unfortunately, at this time our system detects similar or identical items as separate - which can cause unexpected behaviours when learning. For the time being, I would advise you to use different translations or naming conventions to help you identify and choose the correct item during learning sessions.

Since this is not a bug per se, I’ll now move this to our feedback section. But please rest assured that your complaints have been logged and will be taken into consideration for further improvements :slightly_smiling_face:



I really don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to treat this as a bug. If there are two answers within the presented items that are 100% identical and your system doesn’t treat them as such, the user has no means whatsoever to be certain which item to pick.

This is, by the way, nothing a course author can have much influence on as the antique phantom entries bug is the reason in the first place.

So, and to the best of my knowledge, unless the script which has kindly been provided by @neoncube fixes the entries, no course creator / contributor can fix a given course (where this phenomenon appears) in a way so that users are not being presented with two identical entries.

Please use the following template to provide all the requested details and help us investigate faster.

  • Description of the issue: Please describe the issue in detail. e.g. do you see an error message? What is the issue preventing you from doing do? What should be the expected behaviour? Does this happen only on certain courses, levels, items, learning modes or devices?
    Am getting the same answer as the selectable option multiple times in a question. This is happening in multiple Memrise courses so I don’t think this is a problem with just one course. Screenshot below (hopefully)

  • Your device and browser details
    Chrome Version 88.0.4324.190 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • Description of steps to reproduce the issue

  • Do you have any screenshots of the problem? Please upload them here.

Hope that worked. If you see a Memrise screen, the last 2 entries are exactly the same. Guessing which one will be accepted is a “crap shoot” and I usually guess wrong. I have seen the same option listed up to 3 times in this same course on a question. Please help. Thanks.

Hi @pfs32, thanks for reporting this.

It looks like this is the same issue as Some questions have the same answer.

To confirm, there are multiple items with the same Japanese definition (しごと) in that course, which causes the problem. Although technically not a bug (more like a known limitation) I’ve now created a ticket for this (QA-797) to consider for future improvements. Unfortunately I do not have a timeframe for a fix or change.

Thanks for your patience.



Hey @Olaf.Rabbachin,

This is due to the way our course creation structure was designed many years ago. As confirmed in my latest reply above, this is more of a known limitation (i.e. each item is paired with only one definition/translation).

However I appreciate that this is a common issue among many learners, so as you can see I’ve created a ticket for this.

I can’t confirm if or when this will be looked at, but we’ll keep tracking complaints about this.



I will say that, since I reported this issue, the issue now seems to have stopped happening. Thanks for checking this out.


Some courses I’m supporting had identical entries or the same answer (or could be confused) and it was necessary to add some clarifications in brackets or after a semi-colon (say) to help the user.

Or a duplicate needs to be removed and ‘phantoms’ need to be dealt with.