Some General Feedback and Requests


I’ve recently subscribed to your lifetime subscription so is I can further my study and learning of Japanese.
I love Memrise!
However I unfortunately find the pronunciation tasks rather frustrating as I compare my recordings to the example and they sound identical but I think Memrise does not understand, or has trouble matching, my recordings to the example.
Is there something I am not doing right or is this a fault of the app?
I hope this issue will be resolved soon as I find the pronunciation tasks very useful!

Also could I suggest that when it comes to the ‘type what you hear’ tasks that if the user were to get it wrong then some feedback is played which sounds out what they typed? This would provide another level of clarity, and understanding, to the user which in the process could benefit them as they may learn new words and more grammar of the language they choose to learn.


That’s a very good suggestion at the end there, I’d want that feature as well.