Some course icons have a white band on the right on my home page

Do you know why a lot (but not all) course icons (on a home list) have a white band to the right in the odd-shaped circle?

When following the link and looking at the course, the course icon is nicely placed in the square.

I have not been able to resolve this.

It is fine on the Android App - visible in a circle.

Not sure what exactly you could be referring to - is it the little icon on the SE corner (either the Italien flag or the “sticker” image)? I would suppose the sticker is displayed when the course is not connected to a language. I haven’t ever seen this icon, but that might be simply because I’m only learning languages.

Thanks for posting, but on your web home page you should have a list of courses starting with an almost circular view of the icon or image chosen for that course (as shown above).

However the three on show (and others) have a white “circular segment” with the chord being vertical - as shown in the image.

I have show this with a red vertical line to emphasise it.

MemrRise White band edited

Hope that’s clearer.

Perhaps you can start the course and check for yourself.

Cc to those with icons affected:

@Patrizioso, @chiewpang, @bass @roygbiv @sandslane @-aparna- @R_Hoyle @scienceguylabs

Ah, now I understand. And yes - I see this as well on 3 out of 34 courses on my recent list, so it’s not just you.

The reason seems to be the way that the website centers the underlying images (i. e. the CSS). If you are using Firefox, just right-click an image and select View image info from the popup menu. What you’ll probably notice is that the course images that show this behaviour are narrow and/or smaller compared to the ones that don’t.
You could thus try and change the images of your own courses to resolve this.

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I am in Firefox - and yes it shows that the image is portrait and not square.

I’ll have to work on the ones that I’m contributing to and extract a square portion and upload to replace the original.


However this is a relatively new problem.

(Although your post is a work around solution, as this is a new issue, it would be nice if @MemriseSupport is able to apply a global solution, so I won’t tick :white_check_mark: it just yet)

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Hi @Olaf.Rabbachin,

That was very hard as the image on the Mediterranean course appeared square in edit, but the image info said it was portrait.

I tried to save it but it was a WEBP extension and I could not open it.

So I eventually did a view then screen print and saved it as a JPG and uploaded it and it’s now solved.

Goodness knows how many more I need to look at.

Thanks again!

Hi @Olaf.Rabbachin, I’ve been looking at some of the offenders and I think the problem lies with @MemriseSupport.

Looking at “Law for instance, on my home page says it’s

300px × 400px (scaled to 75px × 100px)

But it looks square when you go to the course and when I go into edit, and look at info it says
400px × 400px (scaled to 190px × 190px)

Finally if I go to “view image” it shows me a square image.

I think the corruption has occurred when they went from displaying a square icon to the squashed circle.

However on the Android App,only a part of the image (ie zoomed) is shown in a true circle (which I think is sad as one is looking at only part of the image one may recognise).

So I think this is a bug or an issue that MemRise could perhaps solve.

I’d advocate returning to the square of the whole image like one sees when you visit the course ‘home’ page (see above) which shows the image, title, detail and description along with all the levels.

There aren’t that many icons affected but there are quite a few.

Copy to others affected:

@robinrew @watteffer_Jr @MrSASimcox @cilk @MrWojtach @RedCosmonaut @Outis161

This problem was introduced together with Decks. I’ve been rescaling course images to 400x400 pixels since then.

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Thanks for your comment @duaal, I’m reluctant to amend mine as

  1. MemRise may introduce a fix or

  2. they may choose to amend the display again.