Somali audio

Hi, I’m trying to contact the creator of the Somali course. Memrise help desk referred me to here so I hope this is the way to do it!
Two questions:
Why is there no audio for the course?
And, from Somali friends I know that the language varies a lot. Is your course based on Mogadishu Somali?

It always helps to post a link to the course in question as there is TONS of them!
From your profile I suppose you mean this course:

Sadly, @Tim.G doesn’t seem to have a forum account hence he cannot be contacted. Which, in turn, means that the only way amend or extend the course is by doing it yourself. This again means that you would have to apply to become a contributor and thus take over the course.

You can find more info about how to become a contributor here:

You can also take a look at the threads in this sub-forum for other folks that applied.