(Solved) The difference between Tamil letters ஶ and ஷ

I know that ஷ is used more often than ஶ, and ஶ is mainly only used to write ஶ்ரீ (sri). But I can’t tell the difference between the sounds of both letters, or whether there is a difference. Are they like the Hindi letters श and ष? If yes, which is which?

The Russian alphabet has the same confusion between the letters Ш and Щ, often transcribed as “sh” and “shch” respectively, but the actual pronunciation of both sounds like “sh” in English words.

Ok, I did some research on the IPA values of the letters, and this is what I found -

IPA Tamil Hindi English Russian
ɕ Щ
ʃ Sh
ʂ Ш

So apparently ஶ is the same as श, and ஷ is the same as ष. It would be good if someone can corroborate it, but for the time being I’m good.