[SOLVED] Same words in different levels treated as different words, albeit the same database and no duplicates

Hi all,

Recently, I started to work again on a course I made a while ago. It is a course for learning all the countries (in Dutch).

Months ago, it already had the basics, like every recognised country organised by continent. I know those countries by heart. I also had a list of all EU countries. The latter was automatically trained, since it contained the same words as in the list of the European countries.

Yesterday, I thought it would be a fun idea to make more lists like members of the commonwealth, members of the Arabian Liga and so on.

For those new lists, I used the words from the database. I have not added duplicates or whatever. So, I thought it should work like the EU-list I made earlier. But no. It treated a lot of words like a new word, albeit it were the same as in those ‘basic’ lists.
For example, I already learnt the placement of countries like Canada and Australia. I don’t have to repeat those within the next few hundred days. Nevertheless, in my Commonwealth list, it treats those countries as NEW words. I checked if I had these words double in my database, but that’s not the problem. I tried to delete the level and added the words again, but same problem (it now recognises even less already learnt words). It recognises some of the maps I added yesterday, but not all. It seems it does not recognise the words I have added when I started the course months ago. I did not add the words in bulk, I did all manually.

I only have one database. I don’t have duplicates. How can I solve this problem? The solution would be that Memrise sees a word as one word, even if it’s used more than once in a course.

I’ve seen similar things in courses, including being presented both (entirely identical) answers as choices, but only accepting one as correct (happy guessing…)
I’m waiting for a moment where I’m quick enough to take a screen shot of the effect.

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here’s a screen shot of the query - I wasn’t quick enough to get one of the system’s reaction (I picked on, it was flagged as wrong/red).
Screen shot is from general revision, so these could be from the same or from different courses. Either way, not helpful…

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Hi @tmrps, hi @mthierst !

Any news on the said issues?

I noticed something similar in context with alternative solutions.

The Memrise system offered different answers as choices. 2 of them were set as alternative solutions for the questions. In other words the answers to chose from contained 2 correct choices.

Happy guessing :thinking: … as to which alternative solution the system picked to be considered “the one” it is asking for in that specific questions. 50/50 chance to pick “the one” out of the 2 correct ones. If you don’t pick “the one” out of the 2 correct choices, it is recognized as an error. That is annoying and certainly not motivating.

Any help to fix this issue would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Hi everyone!

I just got time to again to add some new things to the course. The problem has not been solved ever since. I made the same Commonwealth list again, and it only recognised a few countries. It can’t be new data entries however, since they all contain a map and I did not add these manually this time.

Most words have no alternative option, or alternative answers that only apply to their country/entry. For example: if the map of Eswatini gets prompted, both Swaziland and Eswatini get accepted as a correct answer. Countries like Canada or India only have one correct option and entry.

So, long story short: I still want Memrise to treat one database entry as one database entry.

Update: I made a different new list of words I already learnt (this time it was a list of all the countries to ever participate in the Eurovision). It recognised every country, except Israël and Morocco. I also tried to remove and re-add some words from the commonwealth list, but that made no difference.

In other words: still no solution.

Hello, April 2021 is calling.

We still do not have a solution. Recently, I wanted to make a map with all Japanese areas and it treated Japan as a new word. Even though I ‘took’ the word from the database (I know for sure, since it had a picture of the map attached to it).

Hello, May 2021 is calling


It was the prompting that was switched in later chapters. I went from 300 words I had to review to 12.

Thank you for listening and feel free to laugh at me because I deserve that.

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