[solved] problem with PRO account

(Neo268) #1

5 hours ago I saw info that I don’t have pro account. Now there is no like this info. Till now I haven’t used function “log out” and “log in” - it was strange to see this.

At the moment offline mode is working without any problems :slight_smile:


Yesterday I download actualization of memrise app and today I saw it…


How it is possible? Where is my pro account on my mobile?
Till 1. December I have pro…

(Joshua) #3

Hey, thanks for the report.

I see you’ve marked this thread as resolved, however we noticed this bug still exists. We will be pushing a fix for this bug hopefully in the next update.

(Legendz3) #4

Same problem, I wasn’t sure when my last subscription started so I ended up paying for duplicated subscriptions. Please fix my account

(Vikestart) #5

New logo? :open_mouth: