SOLVED :Pro account:Learn with locals in Korean not working offline

I bought subscription a couple of weeks for Memrise Pro.
I am learning Korean 1 nad Korean 2 memrise official courses.
I tried to use “Meet The Natives/Learn With Locals” and “pronunciation” but the option is not even available for me in offline mode.
I have no problem accessing them online mode.

I have logged out and back in again.
I uninstalled and installed the app again.

None of these things helped.
Can you check my account?

order number GPA.3318-7734-9337-70356
Order Date 10-jun-2019 21:45:39 CDT

Hi @bugoan31 :slight_smile:

Memrise has an FAQ that explains offline mode.
In one part it is written: “Some features, such as Learn with Locals, are not available offline. To access these features, you will need an active Internet connection.

Please see the full text at:

Well now I just feel I need to re-learn English too. Thank you for your answer!

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