[solved] [pl/eo] kurs esperanto id: 1157007, no admin

(Neo268) #1

Hi @DW7 and @MemriseMatty !
I am asking for be as admin or just contributor of the course https://www.memrise.com/course/1157007/kurs-esperanto/ because this course have translating mistakes in polish and in esperanto.
About me: I am the best in rank this course, bachelor of foreign language teaching (at University of Warsaw) and have Certificate (ELTE Origó Language Centre in Budapest) in Esperanto. I tryed to contact 2 weeks ago per email and per contact site, but no one respond me till today. During my free time I can create new “level”.

Thank you!

PS. If you want to see this certificates I can send it per private message or per email.

(DW7) #2

Hi @neo268, I am just a user like you but hopefully @MemriseMatty or @MemriseSupport will pick this up for you.

Matty - I see it is no longer supported as the creator is now “_deleted_160820_1928_0470”

(Neo268) #3

Thank You, so I am waitnig for reply of @MemriseMatty or @MemriseSupport :slight_smile:

(Neo268) #4

My first error request was at 01.11.18 with word “kongresamo” - it will be “kongresano”, than i found repeating “oranĝo” and in polish “przybywad”, but till today there is no reply of @MemriseMatty and @MemriseSupport :frowning: I hope it will be better in few days :slight_smile:

I received email from administration and now problem is solved.

Please close topic