[SOLVED] Offline doesn't work for paid memrise

EDIT: Last update from May 4th fixed it. thanks !

After using the app in free mode for 2 weeks in offline mode without issues, I upgraded to the paid version.

Since then, I can’t start a new session in the course when offline (any of them: Learn new words, Difficult words, etc); the app stays stuck on loading the session (The “We are warning up the engine” screen). I have to switch to online for few seconds then only the session can start. As soon as I need to start a new one, I need to be online again.

I downloaded the offline package.
I tried to uninstall and reinstall too, the same issue still reproduce.

More details:

Same problem on free version. No exercises load offline.

Same here. Worked fine until the update last night.
Android 8 on a Honor 10

Same here, I’ve already emailed about this bug to the android@memrise.com - only then I found out there is this forum. So I guess we can only hope now…

Same here. Nexus 10 on Android 5.1.1.
Cleared all the data as well as the catche, uninstalled the app, installed again, downloaded couple of courses and still in the middle of nowhere. The culprit for me was also the last update.
I have filed an bug report, so hopefully they will fix it soon.

Sorry to hear this. We are aware of some issues for certain users regarding offline mode, and hope to have it fixed as soon as possible (our developers are currently investigating the cause). We hope to have a solution shortly.


I’m also having this issue on a Samsung Galaxy S8. If there’s any diagnostic data we can send you to help find a cause for issue let us know what we can do because I’ve come to rely on this app during my commute, so not being able to use it offline sucks!

Last update from May 4th fixed it. thanks for the fix !

Yep, fixed. Thank the devs for the quick turnaround.

Thank you very much, it’s working for me as well :slight_smile:

same problem. what update are you guys talking about? how do you update the Memrise app?

One can download the paid apps from other sources too.


And then people complain that Memrise does not fix bugs and recommend a BitTorrent site full of pirated content for downloading the app that undermines the revenue for Memrise to hire people to file bugs.

People are strange, indeed.

I don’t used memrise for long time. In new version memrise don’t work offline mode. I have pro version. Android 8.1 Moto g5s plus. Could you help me. Thanks

This is another bug, sadly. Read more about it here.

Hi there. The team has been working very hard to completely improve the way offline works and deliver a great experience in a feature that we know you all really appreciate. We are on the latests stages of development. We are trying to get this out smoothly but we will ask for your feedback as we want to hear what you think and address any issues promptly should they arise. I will keep you updated as soon as we get it out to all users.