[solved] add columns in course - (admin deleted account, i'm only contributour)

(Neo268) #1

Hello @MemriseMatty , @kevin5284 (maybe you can send this request to someone who can add),
I am contributor of course:

and want to add 4 columns to database “Esperanto” ( https://www.memrise.com/course/1157007/kurs-esperanto/edit/database/2125964/ ):

1. name: część mowy

type: text

as atribute: yes

2. name: audio

type: audio

3. name: zdjęcia

type: pictures

4. name: przykładowe zdanie

type: text
as atribute: yes

I tried to add this column, but I read that only creator can do this.

Tank you so much. Till today I corrected many meanings of words, deleted repeating, added new words and phrases and I am trying to re-create this course as good as I can.

Important Update: Upcoming changes to Memrise community-created courses
(Neo268) #2

Hi @edcooke,
maybe you can help me with this course.

I also want to use it on my mobile phone (in Decks), because not everywhere (in Poland) is internet/phone connection and I paid two years ago for Memrise Pro to have possibility use course(s) of esperanto offline - There are no official courses of Esperanto at Memrise for polish speakers (at the moment I have university language certificate of it and can in my free time improve/create, etc. and then use offline as well).

Thank you!

(Neo268) #3

up, because no one answered me till now :<

(Mila) #4

Hi @neo268 :slight_smile:

Kevin5284 (Memrise Team) is answering questions about Decks, and said that next week he will bring a proposal on abandoned courses. Which is your case, as the course creator deleted the account.

As there is no longer the creator, perhaps, there is an option where you can apply to have the “powers” of a creator. Anyway, we need to wait for the proposal to be presented.

There is a post about this:

(Joshua) #5

Sorry for the wait, I’ve now added these four columns for you.