Solution to words piling up for reviewing

hi to Memrise creators and programmers,

as you are working on a new interface (that some users don’t seem to enjoy but I guess others like it), I think there is something that you definitely need to work on. the flooding of words that keep showing up again and again as you learn more and when you stop reviewing for a few days. this is a big nuisance, with lots of thread on this forum, and I have ideas as to how to fix it.
why don’t you give us options in the amount of time that passes for a word before it shows up again ?
it would be great if we could change the 4 hours / one day / 7 days / … / 180 days a bit.
adding more time between reviews would slow down the flood.
adding one year to words we know very well would also help.
the possibility to freeze a list altogether would also be great and I think it is the easiest option to implement and maybe the best one.

seriously, it is a BIG issue that needs to be worked on when you have time.

thank you very much !