Size of chinese characters is very small

Why is the size of the chinese character so small on the details page? The page is almost entirely white apart from a tiny little character in the centre which shows the pinying then below, in incredibly small letters, the actual chinese character. Why not make the chinese characters larger?
This is what we see on an ipad pro display, and you will see what i mean.

Photo from mandarin chinese 2 - part 13 .

Course link …

I.e Mandarin Chinese 2
And Mandarin Chinese 1

Please post a link to the course.

I’ll tag @MemriseSupport for you so they can analyze what might cause this.

Hi Olaf. I have now Posted link in the edited description.

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Good morning @steviehutch,

This is actually one of our old Mandarin courses. As these are no longer worked on, it may have not been updated to fit with iPads.

Here’s the link to level 1 of the new Mandarin course:

Can you let us know if you experience the same issue there?

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Memrise team



The problem is still the same in the new Mandarin class ( which i have to admit is a great improvement on the previous course ).
The chinese character is very tiny, and i think to aid learning and memorisation of the chinese characters, as well as just the pinying, the chinese characters should be the same size as the pinying.
This is on an ipad pro. I have not tested on a normal ipad.

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for getting back to us and letting us know.

I’ve now created a ticket (internal code 710) for our developers to look into this. I’m afraid I don’t have a timeline for how long a fix will take, but please do look out for future updates to the iOS app :slight_smile: You may also wish to try this course on a browser at

Thanks for your patience,

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Memrise team


Hi steve,
The problem is not with memrise, it is with your browser. You need to control that with the option called “zoom”

Hi Danniello,
I am not using a browser, i am using the Memrise app for the ipad.
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In Ipad, you also can do it.

Hi Danniello,
This is what i see on the ipad memrise app. Do you mean i need to go into the settings for my ipad and increase the test size for all apps?

Am also having this problem - the character size using the app on both my ipad pro and iphone is ridiculously small. Please can you provide some instructions on how to enlarge if this is something that can be done via settings, or can you look at updating the course.
Many of the characters are very detailed and while you might recognise them at that size if you already knew the language, when you are trying to learn them from scratch you need to be able to see all the detail of the elements they are constructed from. At the moment the only way I can read some of them is by removing my glasses and holding the ipad about 1" from my face.

Do you think that this issue has been resolved?

Hi Richard,
Not really, the chinese character is still very, very small. I wonder why with all the empty space on the screen, the font size could not simply be increased. See below.
( p.s. it is a real shame the actors/actresses that were used in the chinese 1 and 2 courses were not used in the chinese 3 course. They really made learning chinese fun. I sort of lost interest when i realised they were not in the chinese 3 course. It would have been worth paying a subscription for course 3 if they were speaking ).
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Does Memrise not reply to these questions?

Hi Richard,
Not really. Your emails are the only replies i get from memrise. I get the impression that the courses that memrise offer are created by 3rd parties and the 3rd parties become responsible for supporting the course that they upload to memrise.
Kind regards

Thanks, Stevie.

Well, each author is responsible for the content they publish, so yes, Memrise won’t do anything about or change anything in community courses.

However, the font size problem is nothing any course creator can do anything about, so this is definitely something that only Memrise would be able to fix.

@MemriseSupport: isn’t this a known bug? I’m sure I’ve seen postings about this long ago.

Dear Olaf,

Thank you for your reply. It is indeed a very old known bug as i think i raised this over a year ago.

Kind regards

Hi all,

I’m afraid this is more of a design limitation rather than a bug, but I appreciate the font is quite small, especially for non-latin characters.

We did create a feature request for this and have been tracking reports, but I’ll now raise this again to the relevant teams so they can read your comments and consider a change soon.

Thanks for your patience.


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Thank you, it would make a world of difference and improve the learning process immensely.