Six months later - I have gotten used to the lack of a clock, but the difficult words change is still a disaster

I have no idea why something as simple as the clock was removed as an option, but I have gotten used to setting my own, variable clock. Sometimes it is better, sometimes worse, not a bid deal. But difficult words is still such a disaster. It works ok for recently used words, but it is so much worse than the old system for most words. I almost never use it – once every month or two, maybe, and I am continually disappointed. I keep checking to see if an option has been added to go back to the old system, because I seriously can’t believe that it is going to stay this way. At least I’ll save the cost of a subscription, I guess.

Also, on mems, I was never much of a mem-maker, but I really like them when they are already there. So when you say that not many people “use” them, you are almost certainly vastly undercounting the people who find them helpful.