[Site Feedback] Will there be an Official Traditional Chinese Memrise course?

Hopefully this is the right place. I am Xefjord and I have been adoring the new Official Memrise decks, and am happy you added East Asian languages (Even if they are only 3 parts long). But the one thing that has me a little upset is the addition of Mandarin Chinese but with no Traditional Version. There is very few good resources for Traditional Chinese and I was initially excited hoping that Memrise would offer a good course for it. But it has been a little while since the courses have been released and I have heard no words on any more Official Memrise courses being added (or even the 3 part courses being extended).

Is there any plans for new Official Memrise courses? or at least a Traditional Chinese version of the Mandarin course? (I mean they added European and Brazilian Portuguese, why not Traditional and Simplified Mandarin?) Any and all Input is appreciated.


I am also curious when, if ever, this will be available.

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