[Site Feedback] What Membership Updates and Features Should Memrise Add For Us?

Would absolutely LOVE to be able to choose the feature I use next without all the extra keystrokes. Have checked and can definitely state the “offering” as what to do next is not algorithm based, unless it’s using a random generator. So it just irritates me several times every day.

Please return as much control to the user as possible. I, for instance, only use the Review, and Learn modes.


I am a student of the Central Alaskan Yup’ik language, currently participating in a course at the 2018 CoLang conference at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Our course has been going over the challenges in creating language apps for endangered indigenous languages. As many of the indigenous communities we live and work in have limited internet connections and limited disposable income, we find that the restriction on downloadable courses for the free versions of these languages to be a major stumbling block for helping bring resources to those languages.

I was hoping that due to the urgent situation of these languages Memrise might be able to make an exception and allow these courses to be downloaded for offline versions for free users.


congrats to your website!

I am German and trying to learn Russian.
Good mems are still rare. And Mems are the corner stone of an effective learning the vocabulary.

I have a few suggestions to boost the use and development of Mems by the user-community:

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As far as I overview the allocations of Mems, its only course concentrated. So there may be good Mems in another course which the user cannot see. It would be helpful to interconnect Mems between the courses. It could be helpful if the user of them Mem could decide this, due the dependency of context.

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Even further it could be helpful to be able (for the user) to decide if a Mem can also be used - not only by his (mother) language but also be others tongues. I suppose this could be especially helpful for English speakers.

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It might be helpful - as soon as several Mem options are present - to let the users vote on there effectiveness, so that the best Mems could be suggested at first. I can imagine that a rating by users could stimulate others users, to do there best for good mems.

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A helpful feature for users could also be the ability to search for Mems in a special search. For example you search for a particular word and see if a Mem for learning has already been made.

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In the Russian courses provided by Memrise - an option to the spelling with the Cyrillic letter (instead of the phonetic Latin letters) would be nice - or just to be able to block out the spelling part.

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For the individual use / or unfinished Mems - it may be helpful to have the possibility to decide, at which point the Mem goes public.

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A nice feature would also to be able to print the Mems as a flip card.

I`d love to hear if you are considering such or different features to improve the great learning experience on your website - knowing that some of the above topics have been already discussed.

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Hello i have started the Japanese course but i have already a couple of suggestions that i think would add for the site/program.

1 - Allow users to skip/disable the chatbots

As someone who just started the course i think it might be too early for me to get any use of the chatbots.
At the point of the course I am the chatbots use way too many words and ideograms that i didn’t study yet and while sometimes he teachs what the word is, if i don’t know the sound it’s very, very unlikely that i will remember the ideograms. Or even worse a couple of times he used words, didn’t say what these words are and i had to “guess” until i’m right. What’s extremely frustrating.
I love the concept of the site and i always feel that i’m learning, it’s a joy to go to a question look at the ideograms and know what each ideogram sounds like and what the word means. But the chat bot makes me question if it’s even worth my pro subscription.

2 - Have a option where i can get the list of all the words i “know”, it was shown in the program, in one language or in another.

This one is a feature that i really feel like it’s lacking in the program. One doubt i have when using the programs is that if i know the ideograms BECAUSE i see them and remember the ideogram or i just KNOW what the ideogram is.
That may sound silly but i’m curious if someone gives me a text in english and say to me to translate it to japanese i will be able to remember the ideograms and actively write it down.
That’s why i want these list, i want to be able to get a list of words in english and be able to “train” writing it down using ideograms. Right now the list of words i learned has the ideograms right beside it. While it’s my own fault i end "cheating’ and a simple glance at the ideograms make me remember it.

Otherwise AMAZING program/site.

Still disappointed that I can’t search for community generated content from app. So dumb that this feature was deep-sixed. The crazy thing is, the feature existed, and they removed it. The reason I became a pro member was to support a platform that allowed the study of less commonly taught languages.

For example, I live in a city with a plethora of Ethiopians. There is great community generated content, but I have to search on it on a browser. My kids are in the Balkans, but to find those languages, they have to find them on a browser.

My feature: restore previous feature.


I became a pro member to one be able to download courses, and now to support this platform. The amount of time and money I spend on learning is nothing compared with the yearly fee.

But yes, we should be able to find quality user created courses. Even Ben Wheatly own ones!

I guess that Memrise only allows to find Memrise created courses is a quality issue. If new users start with a bad quality, abandoned, or incomplete course, I’d imagine that these users have a high chance of leaving quickly, which means less potential paying Pro members

People who access Memrise on the web, hang around perhaps a little longer to find a suitable course. Probably we need a review and mark system that tells the quality of course. There is already an indication (on the web) how many students a course has, which could be displayed more prominent. Why not have a system where the App allows to find courses, with at least, say 100 active users a month.

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I shall be grateful if you add Bangla in your app …so that we, Bengali can learn English properly with our own mother language.
Please do it in your next update
Thanks in advance

If there was an easy way to provide feedback about the course or individual entries in the course then this would help improve the user-created courses. Add to that an easy way to flag some entries to be deleted in your course item, that’s missing from the iOS app for example.


Yes, RinchenGyeltsen2 , that would be really great: a ‘feedback’ button right in the App that registers which course and which entry is open and then posts the feedback automatically to this forum.

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Now in our system we have words and sentences, but no articles. We need to add Readingstrong text to complete the learning process.

Improve navigation.
I review by course - never had any luck with review all as it always fails & I can’t find out why. It would be helpful if, after reviewing a course, there would be a button for ‘next course’. It would save having return group (or home) menu and then page to find the next course.
Given that Memrise is not the speediest web site, this would speed up the review process considerably (and probably save on computation time).

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Here are two features I would like to be added:

Select what words to learn first/create your own list of words to learn. This is good if you are trying to learn essentials before travelling. I am going to Peru in 3 months and would like to select the words I need first so I can learn them and then move onto the rest of the language after.

Create audio/podcasts for listening off the app. All of the learning with locals audio snaps with their english counterpart to listen to.

Thank you.

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As a software developer, I think it would be a nightmare logistically (performance, server space etc) to maintain individual course deltas for every individual course each user has. It is simply not practical.