[Site Feedback] What Membership Updates and Features Should Memrise Add For Us?


(Charles Applin35) #1

I’ve been a member since last year. However, I did it as a show of support as I liked what Memrise was offering to the learning community as a whole. There were no benefits as I saw them that would lead me to suggest others purchase membership at this time. Anyway, here’s some of my suggestions (a couple are actually from others on Reddit) that I think are reasonable Membership Features.

  • Clone Course: Let’s you copy over a course (and all your progress if worked on it) and turn it into a private course you can optimize at your own leisure. However, a cloned course cannot be shared with others plus it is not updated by the original course after being cloned.

  • Proficiency Mode: Similar to listening practice and speed review. Difference is this tests all questions in course whether learned or not unless ignored (basically, it’s as if you auto learned the whole course). Great for testing out a new course in full. Tracks member’s overall results (%, total questions asked).

  • Competition Mode: Speed review, but live competition. Challenge friends or subscribed members to the course. Rotate around members to answer till timer runs out for one of you. Could be interesting with voice chat.

  • Pause/stop timer: Frequently requested option. Currently limited to mobile or grease monkey scripts. Useful for courses that have sentences for reading/comprehension as questions or Kanji courses where users want to write out kanji first.

  • Show multiple choices: For typing or tapping answers, there’s a “show multiple choice” that reveals up to 8 possible options. Answers must still be typed or tapped in though.

  • Hide multiple choices: Adds a ‘show answer’ button that you tap when you’re ready to select an answer.

  • Autolearn: Currently limited to course creator and contributors. Gives members option to bypass the first 6 “learning” questions. Useful for courses that have outside study material such as grammar courses.

  • Bulk upload of audio: Gods this. As a course creator, the biggest time drain is loading audio. I’d love as a member to be able to upload up to 20 audio clips per database page. More if possible.

  • Message members/users forum profile: For those that attach their memrise account to their forum account. Gives ability for a Member to message such a person.

Please add your own ideas and discuss as well.

(The Four Gated Danzig) #2

I haiku for you:

Reading these, I smile.

Wise updates? A no-brainer!

But this is Memrise.

(Ultra-Sadist Delinquent) #3

(Charles Applin35) #4

Surprised there’s been no feedback from others on this. Even something as simple as “Undo wrong answer” is not being mentioned as a potential idea. That’s something that’s annoyed me when I accidentally clicked on the wrong thing when I knew the answer.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #5

maybe because you did not read the fora… this is such an old request, under the name “override typos” (for 0 points), in the old and new fora… as for competition mode and stop timer and show multiple choices etc… maybe not so many people care about (I don’t, but this is just my opinion)

(Lurajane) #6

For 5 years, Memrise has shown zero interest in looking to forum threads for crowd-sourced suggestions and feedback. Memrise develops their own ideas and direction, or seeks out scientific studies of what improves learning and retention. That said, sure, anyone who has used Memrise or any other resource for any length of time probably has developed a long mental wish-list of features. Not much point in it.

(Overlord Hydroptère) #7

probably only for lecture … doubt that taking out mems and easy to remember ranks and course fora, but adding kindergarten cartoons do enhance learning much…

(Ultra-Sadist Delinquent) #8

You’re very persistent about that. Can you back that up? If you can’t, you’re just spreading ignorance or misinformation.

Also, sorry for the off-topic comment. I like and agree with the first and second post in this thread.

(M Dominiak) #9

Hi All,

that’s my first post, so I hope that’s the right topic.

When practicing with Memrise I miss some functionality as:

  • add different acceptional word (f.e. I have ability, but another word which suits is skills - I would like to have a power to change/add it by myself, especially in people-made courses).
  • delete that word (during the course I found some words, which won’t be necessary, I have no interest to learn them)
  • modify word (in case of mistakes/spelling)
  • despite that I typed or chosen translation wrongly, accept the answer (I don’t want the word to be remembered as one I do not remember and subsequently appears more often - it is often matter of my speed rather than lack of knowledge, so I would like to have that option).

Have you ever considered those? Any chance that it will be available (even in Premium)?


(Foorgol) #10

You can always try ask the course creator (if he / she is still active) to add alternatives / correct mistakes.
Doing this via this forum is somewhat clumsy but usually works out in the end.

Words that are of no use to you can be ignored quite easily, no need to delete them. Others might find them important.

If it is mainly a question of speed: Have you considered disabling the timer using userscripts?

(M Dominiak) #11

You can always try ask the course creator (if he / she is still active) to add alternatives / correct mistakes.
Doing this via this forum is somewhat clumsy but usually works out in the end.

That’s true however it is not very efficient, mainly for the reasons you listed. I would rather see an option that I correct something in my version of course, which is proposition for the creator or rest of the users.

Words that are of no use to you can be ignored quite easily, no need to delete them. Others might find them important.

In general I agree, but then I would like to see rather finished course, and not have difficult words. Once again, a “my version” of cours would be nice.

If it is mainly a question of speed: Have you considered disabling the timer using userscripts?

I really like doing it fast, you are providing propositions, which are rather byways of true solution. Nonetheless, thanks for answering.

(Stuart Patrick Mcfadden41) #12

So far I have tried to use memrise every day …even for fun!! (I know but I live alone!)
My only peeve is in German I keep getting caught out with the terminology in English!
To me as an English speaker ‘grandad’ is informal as is ‘grandpa’ therefore when I am asked to translate I would choose opa but it comes up wrong!
If you want ‘Grandfather’ then please ask for it!
Thats it otherwise thank you very much memrise for improving my knowledge of German and Italian in the comfort of my own home.

(Kroy23) #13

The “Clone Course” option is something I’ve wanted for years now. I would LOVE to be able to edit something to suit it better to my own learning process.

(Marcus W) #14

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(Dunnamin) #15

The ability to type diacritics in IE or Firefox. Otherwise I can’t use Memrise quizzes.

(DW7) #16

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(Oblomov62) #17

Hi Nukemarine,

this is my first post. I am studying your SGJL-courses (many thanks for your work!).

I mainly use the Android app and I would really appreciate if I could filter or sort the course list in the app’s sidebar so that courses with words to be reviewed are listed at the top. Even better would be a button or something like that, which would let me repeat all the words to be reviewed at once.

Thanks again!

(khx333) #18

Actually I would like them to stop coding features and cute bunnie pictures and spend a solid two months fixing serious bugs. Looks like the features we are getting are broken, anyway, and cute bunnies won’t help.

(Martixtys) #20

I have joined with my iphone and got some way with that Level 4. Trying to log on here (computer) makes memrise think I have no record and need to sign up and pay - I’d like to work on both computer and iphone. martixtys

(Ni Vi0) #21

Vertical Fractions

i would really like a feauture that enables users to write fractions.

while i was trying to create some math formulas i found out to my dissapointment that i couldn't write down fractions(vertically)

i wrote them down horizontally but they weren't as easy to understand as they could've been if i had write them vertically :c