[Site Feedback] There Is No Point in a New Forum Unless It Is Promoted

Just like with the old forum, few people will come here unless Memrise decides to promote the forum more. There needs to be a much more prominent link to the forum instead of just the small little link at the bottom of the page that barely anyone will notice.

That said, this new forum design is about 10 bazillion times better than the old one. So if you promote it, it will be great.


I totally agree! How about something like this?


It was already weird to see that the link to the previous forum was at the bottom of the page. A “Community” link like this one would be really nice ! :slight_smile:


It would be useful if the Memrise team announced developments. Usually they just happen. The forum just changed, no indication this would happen. There is a Memrise Twitter account for example, which could be used to announce and promote changes. Or the Memrise team could be more active in the forum.


You are right. Since I visit the forum almost every day, I have encountered the new forum but people who don’t do that, don’t know about the forum at all or didn’t use it because they didn’t like the old one, won’t also know about the changes.

Also memrise should have a own “topic” where they announce changes, updates and so on.
Hope more people will use this forum now, so thank you to memrise for creating it :wink:


There should be a direct link on the homepage of Memrise to this community.


It would be great to have a page “What’s new on Memrise?” or something like that. On other websites, they use some kind of pop-up window when there is a big change, or private messages (which weren’t included on Memrise until not so long ago so not a solution in this case)…

Anyway, I really hope they’ll display the link to the forum in a better way so we don’t have to scroll all the way down this “forum” link.


I made a post last week saying we should have a “Memrise Announcements” category. I believe someone from Memrise commented there recently that they would create that in a few days. However, I can no longer find that post!


I really hope that Memrise does something like that. So far they have not said anything about increasing the visibility of the forum, so I am a little bit concerned.

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I agree. I just happened upon this community by chance. I was in the regular forums, the one that I’ve heard they will take down, and found someone’s link to this community here.

I have to say, I’m disappointed in Memrise after they were successful with the membus tour kickstarter. I gave to that cause and got the lifetime membership but now it seems they don’t respond to support messages or anything anymore and are changing things without notifying members.

Wouldn’t you think we would all get an email or something promoting the new forums? And why isn’t there a link like Kaimi has said.


to get “here” i click “forum” down the page, as always… ??? what do you mean by promoting this forum???

I agree, I follow “@memrise” on Twitter (as well as several staff) and I was hoping that announcements would be posted there by one of the team eg @emesekagg (if I have found the right person).

I love the jokes, RTs, bus tour news etc but what about keeping us informed of changes etc?

Incidentally, I’ve just had an email from one of the MemRise team and they are using this useful “signature”:

P.S. Our community members may be much faster at answering your questions
than our tiny support team: https://community.memrise.com

I really don’t understand why nobody added the forum visible on the memrise page yet.


I went to check the Memrise blog to find out more information about recent changes, but there’s only ever Membus updates. Membus, of course, is a brilliant initiative, but as a learner far away from it all here in Asia, it’s a little frustrating to not be able to find information on anything else. I stumbled across this new forum by chance while Googling the link for the blog. This surprised me since I’m on Memrise everyday learning and creating courses, and I like to check the emails and blog updates often. I’m wondering why it seems to be so hidden from the main website / app?


Hi @Fiona,

I too wish we MemRise users were kept more informed - but in defence, all course creators were informed about the change (which we have been discussing) and it hasn’t happened yet (so in a sense we are preparing the ground, then I hope @OliviaZavala will inform everyone somehow).

Also the “Forum” link at the bottom of every page on the learning area does bring us here.

I also wish @Memrise in Twitter would be used to keep us up to date. (@Lien & @emesekagg is this your role?)

Hope you find your way around and feel part of the Community soon.

There is ANYTHING AT THE BOTTOM of the page? I never got to see it, I have too many courses…
If there is anything of value to attend, it should be not under the endlessly scrolling bottom end.

The more it applies to the link to the link to discussions. all gone are the in formations to the particular courses … it took me three months to realize how can I access the new format discussion.

And I see why … the link as the damned bottom of the page. At the end I will never see :frowning:


If it is at the bottom of page - that is not useful at all.


As you wilI have read, we all agree it’s very hard to find - often far to low down a long list.

This is the best suggestion from @Kaimi

which would appear on the top of every page and course.



(is there any response from the Memrise developers to the people’s suggestions and worries at all? I do not know, I just registered at the forum, out of frustration … the old discussion threads are gone and it took me months to realise, there is some “forum” … As I said - the bottom of the page is SO wrong place, that even when I was looking for the forum or something it took me three months to get here.)