[Site Feedback] Sorta found a bug... a word in the way... reporting course specific bugs... my thoughts

all found on website using google chrome

the bug I found allows you to skip ur daily goal for a day because it seems to count yesterday and today together;
So say you’re doing a course for 5 min a day. so u finished MOST of the time to get your daily goal. let’s say you need about 50 to 150 more points… so now it’s 11:58 on Friday and I don’t have my Friday steak yet I still need a few more points. so I rush into learning some new words. since if gives u 45 points a correct question(on this course it does) I quickly answer a few questions before the 2 mins of Friday run out but end up working for 3 min into Saturday before the section is done. so now I’m done woot-woot and when I look at my goals it says your done with Friday and Saturday… I believe I have done this twice so far, not sure how to fix…
will be confirming with other courses… hard to do only works once a day unless ur a time zone changing cheater…

word in the way… also, I noticed that when your learning new words and it gives you the definition. some definitions are long and will have a more/less word to show more of the definition or less… I find that on some definitions the word “less” (where u click) is actually in the way of reading the last words in the definition. aka preventing me from reading the last word is a pain in the ass when I can’t guess it. so I usually have to copy and paste it somewhere else to actually read it… hope this helps should be easy to fix.

course specific bugs. i think it would be awesome if in a course there was a way to report a problem in a very simple way per question.(such as a check box, or small comment box, or even typing in a new answer and saving it) and/or see bugs people have reported. this would help fix individual course problems fast.

that’s all I have to complain about atm. memrize is still awesome. keep it up.

this section isn’t really very important just my opinion about the 5, 15, 45 min daily goal…
i kinda feel like this could be made a little more customizable fairly easily. what i mean to say is since these are short quick learning/review sessions i feel it would be nice to either be able to customize a daily goal by 5-minute increments or have some in-between options added. so something like 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60. this would just be more convenient if say you wanted to work with more courses for smaller amounts of time. so if you wanted to do 5 different courses in an hour it will be way easier then forcing people to go with 5 or 15 min… but that’s just me and i only started using this about a month or two ago…

Hi @Hobbitsis,

In regards to ‘mins per day’ I agree with you,
and I think (but I would love MemriseSupport to weigh in)
it is based on a 24 hours cycle from either:

  • when streak was first established
  • when yesterday’s streak was upheld

In regards to ‘words per day’
and I think it behaves differently
it is based on the calendar day (until midnight),
therefore a easier to work with


My small request: clarify the logic behind ‘mins per day’
*and there may be further requests from there, like…

My medium request: Have ‘mins per day’ follow the same logic as ‘words per day’

My big request: have ‘mins per day’ added to the mobile app not just web

I prefer the concept of ‘mins per day’ over ‘words per day’