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(Baite) #21

[quote=“J12321, post:17, topic:10916”]
If you spell something wrong or typed in a synonym
[/quote]@J12321: Good idea! However, the course creator (not the user) is already able to configure ‘synonyms’. For example (a French-English course):
bateau' - 'boat' - Alts: 'ship'
So in this case, when ‘bateau’ appears, the user should type ‘boat’, but if the user types ship instead, it is accepted as correct.
However, only the course creator can set synonyms. It would be great if any user can add their own synonyms as well.
Regading a spelling mistake: I believe only in the target language we are asked to spell words, so a mistake in the spelling should be counted as incorrect - correct spelling is part of learning a language. However, again, a user might want only be able to pronounce certain words (because they are not used when writing) or understand the words (because they are rare words). Let’s make that a feature request.

All Platforms:
Receptive words - Allow users to mark word to be learned ‘receptive’ only (i.e. they are able to tell what it means, do not need to be able to come up with the word by themselves).
Non-Spelling mark - Users can mark a word not to be spelling tested, only multiple choice (regardless of what the course creator has set).

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[quote=“giulio_pasotti, post:20, topic:10916”]
automatic continuous review mode
[/quote]Or a mode where you can just say the answer ‘one’, ‘two’, ‘three’ or ‘four’ - requires a microphone and a minimum of speech recognition.

Mobile platforms
Multiple choice voice only mode - with ‘one’, ‘two’, ‘three’ or ‘four’ voice recognition.

(Gufino) #23

agree completely

(Baite) #24

100% memory review mode (All platforms)
Last week a had an exam. In order to be sure that I hadn’t forgotten some words, I got through the vocab book I have an tested myself on each single word (by covering the answer and writing it down from memory). I had an about 10% miss, while a faithfully keep reviewing with Memrise. A mode that test me on each single item, without multiple choice (i.e. 100% relying on memory), will help my learning and I will be willing to pay for it. In this mode it is helpful to have learner choosing whether to be presented with the target language or with the instruction language.

Forced recall of synonyms (All platforms)
A setting or learning mode where synonyms set by the course creator still accepted as correct (i.e. the learner does not loose the streak), but is still asked to answer with the second synonym.
For example (a French-English course):
‘bateau’ - ‘boat’ - Alts: 'ship’
The learning is presented with ‘bateau’ and types ‘ship’. This is not wrong, but since it is important to know the word ‘ship’ as well, the App or the website will still ask to provide the second translation (which is ‘ship’).
This appeared to be important when I was studying for an exam when I discovered that I didn’t know some words because I always typed the one translation I knew, and never learned the second translation.
Just removing ‘alternatives’ would not help, because then the learner never knows whether to type ‘ship’ or ‘boat’ when presented with ‘bateau’.

(Kaspian) #25

Some course creators and contributors will attempt to solve the “boat” versus “ship” problem by removing the alternates and writing their clues like this:

bateau (not s…) = boat
bateau (not b…) = ship

(Baite) #26

[quote=“Kaspian, post:25, topic:10916”]
writing their clues like this:

bateau (not s…) = boat
[/quote]Good suggestion to workaround. Doesn’t work well for all langauges and all words I discoverd. And if you want to study from English to French in this case, and are presented with ‘boat’, the answer is not ‘bateau’, but ‘bateau (not s)’…

(DW7) #27

There is also the dreaded “phantom” (or deleted/ original) dummy answers problem.

(Rodrigo Rj1) #28

Why not creating a way for users to communicate with each other? This way we can practice conversation with other learners.

(Baite) #29

Like chat rooms? I’d like that - there are already many places, but I’d like to talk to Memrise users.

(Rodrigo Rj1) #30

Exactly! I think it would be very helpful.

(Alex Paterson Snp) #31

Can I make a suggestion? I’m currently starting to learn Russian on here and when it comes to typing the response, I’m still trying to get used to the Cyrillic keyboard and end up running out of time trying to find the correct character. If there isn’t already a way (excuse me if there is and I haven’t found it!), could there be an option implemented to allow users to either extend or remove the timer from certain levels, at least until one’s proficiency increases? Thanks in advance!

(Rymdenbarn) #32

Quick suggestion: automatic import of audio pronunciation from Google Translate, if the course creator hasn’t uploaded any. I like to make my own wordlists, and my current language project, Hindi, doesn’t have much of a database yet. I usually pull my audio files from Forvo, but then I have to manually upload them and it takes quite a while. If you guys implemented an algorithm to fill in the ‘blanks’ - the unpronounced words and phrases in a given course - from Google Translate, it would be immensely helpful.

(P.S. Been a member for more than 7 years now, love you guys!)


Commercial third parties must use Google’s Cloud Translation API and that comes at a cost. That’s probably what deters Memrise. They probably think their money is better spent on other features. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but if you’re importing clips from Forvo it’s probably best not to talk about it. Forvo prohibits its recordings being used by commercial entities after all. It doesn’t matter if your courses are freely available as long as the organisation serving them up to the public is trying to make a profit.

(Rabberish) #34

I went through the whole Memrise German vocabulary course and got to the point where all my Memrise words (that I didn’t ignore) were supposedly in “Long Term Memory” (LTM). Memrise only lets me review a few (average about 50) every day - I assume, the ones the algorithm says have slipped out of my LTM overnight. Every day, after reviewing these 50 or so, I get back to where Memrise claims all of my words are again in LTM (even though I typically miss several each day) and can’t review any more.
However, I have copied all my Memrise words into an Excel file, and I see that, on any given day, I have forgotten a much larger number of words (hundreds). It would be great if Memrise would allow me to review more words each day. Or is there some way to do this that I don’t know about.

(khx333) #35

You could pick any part of a course and review it anytime.

(猿春) #36

There should be a feature that allows you to select which parts of a course to review. For example lets say I was having a hard time remembering words from lesson 1, 5, and 12 I could select those three lessons and have them all tossed into a giant review or split into sections at which I can review at lets say 20 at a time.

(𖧧 𝓛ı𝕥𝕥lꦌ ꞗɪᴙᶑ ׅ ׅ ׅ 𝓑ⅈ𝘨 𝓦ᵒʳ𝔩̲ꝺ̲) #37

Far as I know, you can do this. You can’t take three different lessons and review them all together if they’re not already up for review, but you could review lesson one, then lessons five and thirteen separately, say. I have to do this quite a lot with lessons I know have a higher number of words I tend to forget (especially adjectives). It’s hardly a perfect way to do it, but also not particularly awkward.