[Site Feedback] Memrise & Decks Improvements Suggestions (Users)

I do too - I thought it was brilliant.


@DW7 you are so long at this forum how can we send this to the creators?


how we can send this to the creators

You obviously mean the MemRise Team - rather than Course Creator.

You have already correctly tagged @MemriseSupport (there are other but that is probably the best) but I will also use the “Share” link below to invite them.

But there have been many long discussions about the various themes and they are aware of peoples’ preferences.


thanks :wink: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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yes i know but if more people like that ver. it will be possible to change something

and it will be good for memrise they are most famous for that logo they will be more recognisable

and yes there were so many discussions but that improve the expirience when learning new words and can improve memrise brand recognition :slightly_smiling_face:

I too have been around for a long time (since 2015) and I have to say the old style was so much nicer. Just look at how fresh and inviting everything was, and all the buttons/layouts made sense.



Hi @SKKreativ , thanks - so glad you saved them - especially the App which I had not tried then.

Here are my offerings:

Web banner


so old theme community gets bigger and maybe if there are more people like us we can do something…

everything was more simple and the mem for memory and rise for rising. It was so easy to understand.

the landscape was interestiong too and ‘planting’ the words it was clear and the best

but now the flowers only show the level at how much you understand the words
when we were learning for example at 11p.m. the background was getting darker It was BRILLIANT


Wow, those old screens look good.


I remember that background and I loved it because it changed from day to night with the sun moving.


I really liked it when Memrise had the Title and Badges. Was so looking forward to make it to Membassador, but they changed the whole thing to Ziggy when I reached Memonist. I am stuck forever on that title :sob:


same :confused:

yes i’m glad to see thet so many people like it

i think if so many people will agree with it we can do something for other people who don’t visit the forum and improve this lovely website

Ah. The Nostalgia of old Memrise. :slight_smile:

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Exactly that happens to me too! Also, it’s strange that that timer only runs on the web interface, but not in the app (consistency…?).

Hi @flekstro :slight_smile:

The feature of being able to turn off the timer on the Memrise website was implemented earlier this year.

See JBorrego’s post: Web improvements


Nice to know, thanks!


not sure if this currently a feature and i just haven’t come across it, but i would love for there to be a feature where you can practise words from english–>target language AND target language–>english

sometimes i just really wish i could practise translating from french into english to strengthen my knowledge :slight_smile:

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Hi @charliebircham, I agree with you.

When you learn anything (languages included) you do learn 'both ways’ but once you have learned them (a flowering pot) you are only tested the way the course was set up.

For that reason on all the courses I’m responsible for, I have created what I call “reversed” levels.

As Italian is my key language it only applies to those user-created courses.

But you may find some French courses people have set up with ‘reversed’ levels.

The only other option is to restart a level and ignore all those words you don’t want to practice.

(I have set reversed levels for the wealth of other subject I am interested in - check them out > here <.)

hi @DW7, glad somebody else is feeling this too! hopefully they look at implementing this in the future as i have learned thousands of french words but only translate one way, so here’s hoping there’ll be that feature in the future

btw, your courses actually sound perfect for me as i’ve recently started learning italian too! will definitely check them out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - thanks for your response!!

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