[Site Feedback] Change the Pause and Play Keyboard Shortcut

(Terrible Tuba12) #1

This website and the services it provides are outstanding, but I have one critique that could make my sessions go so much faster on desktop. I often make use of the pause and play buttons on desktop, since I want to be able to visualize the answer before seeing the multiple choice questions. I’ll usually not have enough time to think of the answer first and then look for it in the 4-6 choices, so pause/play are indispensable.
The keyboard shortcut for play is enter, which I can deal with. It only requires one hand to press, so I don’t have to move my right hand. The shortcut for pause, however, uses the accesskeys feature, which requires pressing a either one or a combination of the ctrl, alt, shift, and cmd buttons.
None of the accesskeys even work on Mac, but even if they did, I still wouldn’t use them. P is literally the worst key that could be assigned for the feature I use the most; it’s the farthest away from ctrl and the other buttons. This means I must use both of my hands to even make use of this “shortcut,” which ends up wasting more time than just clicking on the pause/play button with the mouse. I’ll often push aside the mouse to trace out the answer on the trackpad with my right hand (very useful for learning logographic writing systems like Kanji), so it’s tiresome to keep navigating to the pause/play button with the mouse.
I suggest that the pause and play shortcuts both be set to the same button at least, like virtually every other program. I’d prefer space over enter, but enter is fine if space isn’t technically feasible to make into a shortcut.

TL;DR - the pause and play shortcuts are extremely inconvenient to press and should be made into the same button, either space or enter.