Simultaneous editing/contribution to a collaborative course

I use Memrise with students to learn sign languages with animated gifs. For the introductory session, I ask them to upload a gif in the same course. But when I have all the students editing the same database at once, I face the problem that changes made between two “save” clicks are not all recorded.
Has somebody faced the same issue and found a better solution than asking them to start uploading only when their neighbor has finished and saved his gif upload?

May I ask why you’re having them each upload a gif to a Memrise course? Their might be a better way to do this, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Late reply, but still facing the problem, so:
It’s a sign language course, so everybody contributes vocabulary made of animated gifs.
As far as I know, you can’t bulk edit/import gif pictures to a database, so I have the students upload their gif manually.

I don’t think the database is built for having many contributors (let alone a class of students), editing the database at once.

However, if each of them adds an item to the database itself (not to level), I bet they are all recorded. Because they are recorded as soon as you press enter - nobody presses enter at the same time as somebody else.

I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think the students actually need to hit “Save” to have the course be saved. Each item should auto-save as it’s added to the level.

Maybe try having two students upload a gif but don’t hit ‘save’ and see if it works.

Thanks for your suggestions.
With a class of 40 working on creating animated gifs and uploading them it is really possible that two people press “enter” at once (moreover the upload process takes a bit of time when internet is not super-fast).
But ok, I think next time I will have them add words in the database and not the level and try that solution. :slight_smile:

Currently I am not even working with classes editing the course at once, I am just trying to set up new courses and facing a lot of bugs. :frowning: I would be happy to read your solutions here, if you have some: Save button not working and There is always one option in the pick the correct one picture