Sign Language ideas / developing


My Memrise contribution : British Sign Language (BSL) course

I am British Sign Language native signer and I have just created a very first BSL course successfully. I find it very challenging unlikely to other spoken/written languages because of the following reasons.

  1. It is important for learners to grasp the concept of Sign Language by means of using expressing the feeling through face, movements like moving things or verbs and the use of the signing space.

  2. The signing vocabulary should be created by animated GIF images by converting videos into GIF using good quality.

  3. Sign Language in writing (New) - it does not always match with national words/grammar. See the examples in British Sign Language.

  4. English - the definition from SL signing.

I shall be very keen to hear any suggestions or sharing your experience with Memrise including developing issues or any other ideas relating to Sign Languages.

Thanks for reading!