Shut Up!

Was it really a good idea to have that as one of the first things you teach in a Russian course?
Russians are distant and respectful people that usually address strangers as you(plural). Saying shut your mouth to a stranger is very rude. Especially if you imagine a clueless foreigner saying that to a local D:
It’s not like I’m offended or anything, but it’s just weird. You don’t teach ferme ta gueule in a French course, right.

Very hard to tell what you’re talking about without a reference to a specific course.

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Official Russian 1, More Letters. I think it’s awkward to teach “закрой рот!” so early on.

I think you’ll soon see the site has much bigger problems.

Oof and here I am thankful for that… I use “закрой рот!” all the time with my bad dogs who bark constantly. :laughing:

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