Showing Leader Board MORE does not show person's icon

I’ve just looked at the ranking of people and points on an official MemRise course on the MemRise web site for Week, Month and All time on the course HOME page and it correctly shows place number, icon, name and points.

However clicking on the “More” button to see more people on a new page does NOT show the person’s icon. (It does when hovering).

This is an oversight on what we had before.

I’m pleased to say that it DOES work as intended in Decks :wink:

I’m unable to even get on the “More” leaderboards page. Let’s hope this is resolved swiftly.

Thanks for your input @MarshallLanguages

I’m unable to even get on the “More” leaderboards page

I can from the Course Home page as that is the only page that seems to allow scrolling.

Hi - Can you test this again? It looks like it’s working correctly on my browser (Chrome). There were some changes to the leaderboard recently, so it may have been related to this.

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Sorry I wasn’t notified (I no longer seem to get emails!).

Yes it works perfectly thanks @MemriseMatty.

I’ve marked it as solved.

Now that you wrote that: I haven’t received forum related emails in days, so @MemriseMatty, could there be another (new) problem? FWIW, I sure haven’t changed my settings.

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Ironically @Olaf.Rabbachin I have just received an email to say you’d replied!

Perhaps it’s solved?

Also I don’t think we receive an email if you just reply - our @ name has to be included which you did in the quote.


Thanks for confirmation and I too had not changed my settings and was wondered if the default had been changed but it seemed set up correctly.

LOL. I’m sure it was us who fixed this by triggering some hidden mechanism! Yes, you’re right - I received an email with your comment as well! Maybe it was just personal perception …? IDK.

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