Show the parts of speech of the words

How to show the parts of speech of the words?
(noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc.)

It can avoid confusion when doing multiple choice and typing.

Go to the database for your course and hover over the title column. A small blue pencil appears next to each column head, click on the pencil for the column ‘Part of Speech’. There should be a menu called ‘Edit Attribute’. Check ‘Show at Tests’ and save.

However attributes are not shown for multiple choice questions.


I have selected ‘Show at Tests’ but Parts of Speech and Gender are greyed out, and I cannot add these attributes where I am adding a word to the database.

It also varies whether or not existing words have these. I would like to add them where relevant.

I am a free user. Can paid users do this?

Is there any other reason it doesn’t work?

hi @hwb78,

After actually adding the word to your course you should be able to edit the attribute column. Free user or not.

If you use bulk add, you can add values to your attribute columns inmediately. I only use bulk add nowadays.