Show streak also on finished courses

(Chiptus) #1

I know it’s not the place for it, but you don’t have a suggestion forum (or I didn’t find one)
And if you don’t know, I wanted to tell how I enjoy your app.

I just finished my Spanish 1 course, and it seems like I lost my streak, I even can see how much I did.
And it’s not really finished, I’ll be doing reviewing of the course, thus will be able (sometimes) to keep my streak.
Can you show streaks for finished courses?


(Petr R Skupad8) #2


Nothing to add, I wish the same.

(Thomas Heiss) #3


Any news about this subject to re-display streaks for completed courses with a specific “review goal” on the web portal?

Your official 1-7 course series do not have so many words or an additional / level (not fully planted words) to keep the active streak going for REVIEWS!