Shout Louder

Hi all,

In light of the Decks decision and the overwhelmingly negative response it’s had, suggest we make our voices heard outside of this forum. Best ways to do this:

  1. Cancel your subscription to Pro, explaining that that it was the Decks update that is the cause and that you will resubscribe if the decision is reversed. I’ve already done this. Obviously don’t do this if you do want to keep your Pro subscription.

  2. Leave a negative review on Play Store / App Store. I’ve seen dozens of these already spring up on Google Play, but given Memrise has 35m customers, we should ramp this up.

Also here is a link to another forum post about other routes to express your anger e.g. contacting senior management Angry about the Decks update? How to make your voices heard


Also post a review and rating on Google Maps (which many visitors to their office will use).

This has already fallen from an average of 3.5 down to 2.6 since yesterday.

Let’s get it down as close to 1.0 as possible.



We definitely need to be louder about this. I suggest also going on Twitter and contact Memrise with the #Memrexit to let them know how you feel.