[Share course] The Oxford 5000 by CEFR level

I’ve just made this course based on The Oxford 5000 words list.
It has 2000 words from this list, except all words form The Oxford 3000 words list.
This course just have difinitions and meanings. If anyone wants to help me add the audios for this course, please contact and I’ll add you to be a contributor.
Hope this helps!
Official Course for The Oxford 5000 by CEFR level


it IMHO makes not any sense to directly put into brackets in the 1st definition column if it is a noun, verb or adjective, really not.

When you do classic reviews you need to be able to type in the 1st English definition column.

Also the “Memrise Audio Provider” TTS userscript reads the full text of the 1st definition, hence it includes (adjectives/nouns) additions with reading, which is quite bothersome if you ask me.

I have seen it in other 5000 frequency courses that a course owner can select descriptive tags.


So words are shown with additional informations in small round circles in the definition screen(s).

Quick warning:

I have seen that Memrise staff has taken down several Barron English courses which were linked on this forum because of copyright violation.

Not sure how the other course owners have done it correctly with SAT, GMAT, TOEFL, TOEIC material where the 2nd definition column contains longer English text to describe the word in the English target language.


You uploaded the picture of an Oxford book.

Is this maybe protected copyright material as well?

Have you checked with them and asked for a written permission to publish the course on Memrise?

I really wonder about this stuff as a language and its words can’t be copyright protected in general I guess, but if you may just copy the book 1-on-1, especially with the FULL 2nd longer English definition column and the exact same sequence of word collections, maybe/probably it is?!

I do not own this book so I can’t do any crosschecks myself, sorry.

Otherwise Memrise staff would not be deleting already published courses which get to their attention!


BenWhately had done a “first 5000 Spanish” course (it is hidden) where in the course description it was explicitely noted that all words are jumbled up in the many levels (there are more than 3) to prevent any copyright issues.

These 5,000 words will set you well on your way - they are the first 5,000 words by frequency, but that are not in order of frequency in this list (for copyright reasons)

The above course which got my attention got replaced with other courses.
The 2nd definition column has not those longer / very descriptive texts, like your Oxford course has and the 1st definition column is of course written in Spanish, not English and they (first 5000, splitted sub courses) do not refer to any frequency book.


It is advisable to check those things in the beginning.

So you do not invest too much time with finding and uploading native audio for all those words, contributors adding additional synonyms and having people actually enroll into your course, learn new words and collect wekly points…

…and after a while the Memrise staff maybe has to take it down because of any potential copyright violance.

I would be interested to hear about your opinion and experience.
Sorry if I may have confused something (e.g. using a free public frequency list) when writing this comment.

If you have any doubts, ask Memrise staff and contact the creators of the book how you can be on the safe side (before investing too much work).

I checked again your course description, as I found the other Oxford 3000 words course.

Maybe your yellow “book cover” has tricked me too much? :slight_smile:

I’ve just made this course based on The Oxford 5000 words list. It has 2000 words from this list, except all words form The Oxford 3000 words list.
This course just have difinitions and meanings…Hope this helps!
Source: https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/wordlists/oxford3000-5000

So this means we are free to create our own courses from those word lists?

I clicked on their weblist and it is nice as you can select a specific CEFR level…

Thank you very much to stop by my course carefully like that. I am really appreciate with your scented.
I made this course for self-learning, and other people who learned The Oxford 3000 already. Its contents included 2000 new words from Oxford.

They (Oxford) published their word list for free on the internet (like their old The Oxford 3000 word list) and I think it is okay when I made this list for me and the others.

I will recreate the course.

I know that userscript but still want to make it with the real voice that uploaded from users.
Thank you so much.

Hi Matt,

I had a quick check with the other available Oxford 3000 course.

All the contained words (1st English definition column) are ordered by the alphabet (A-Z) in the level design!

You have already deleted your 5000 course, but I believe I had seen the same alphabet A-Z ordering in those three levels when I took a really quick look, do I remember this correctly?

I can tell you, that I personally have no intent to start a course when I am only able to learn words by A/B…Z for multiple levels.

It must be very boring (and confusing??) to only review 50/100 words – with typing – which all start by the first same syllable.
Even when a course has less levels and more words per level, the alphabet A/B… ordering stays the same.

My other “1000 common verb” and “5000freq”, “6000plus” Portuguese courses use a mixed words approach.
The 5000/6000 courses also shuffle nouns/adjectives/adverbs/verbs so it does not get too monotonous.

If I would have to do it, I would probably try to find a method how to mix all the CSV definition words by a random algorithm, so it is way more interesting

  • to learn 20 new words per session and
  • to do (classic) review 50/100 words

on the Memrise web portal, preferably with typing (using Cooljingle’s “all typing” userscript) instead of multiple-choice.

Sorry, I have no experience yet with which program you could achieve this CSV word shuffling.

What are you thoughts and experiences?

How do you personally learn those 3000-5000+ (selectively unknown) English words that you, as a learner, stay motivated in the mid-/long-term?

When I heard about copyright from you, I’ve changed my mind from making a course for people to learn a full new 5000 Oxford words to making private course for myself to learn.
This list is published but I used the source from Oxford, so be safe not to create anything without their permission.
Btw, I’ve just created the alphabetical list for myself with only the words that I didn’t know, instead of all 5000 words. I checked carefully the list and chose only my new words. And I made that course for only me. It’s okay not to published and no worries about copyright.
About the alphabetical words list, I feel okay with that, especially the renowned list from Oxford. I used to learn The 3000 words list from them with my passionate, and until now, I still remember more than 99 per cent of that (just forgot under 30 words). And I checked myself regularly. So the method is up to every one, maybe it’s suitable for me when I believe the list.
Thank you very much for your caring about my course and your great advice about copyright thing.