Setting the repetition mode on typing only - in app

Hello everyone,

I have a quick question. Is it somehow possible to review vocoabulary
using typing only? I would even like the suggested hiragana to be deactivated
and type it in myself.
The reason is the following… If you advance in the course far enough and
maybe even know most/all of the words, it is way too easy to rule out
false answers without even having to put in any effort to remember the
correct answer.
So if there was an option to select “answering by typing only” that would be great.
I’m talking about the android memrise app here.

Thanks in advance!

Sadly Memrise doesn’t support a “typing only” option. However, there’s a bunch of user scripts that complement Memrise. One of them is the “Memrise all typing” script. Read more about it in this thread. Good luck!