Setting and checking homework on memrise

I know people have discussed homework setting in the Forum “Is it possible for students to cheat on memrise?”, but I was wondering if memrise is planning to make it easier in the future for teachers to set homework on memrise, e.g. by showing the points/words learned for a certain time span or for a certain level within a set? Quizlet have introduce a special teacher account to make that possible and I would think that people would be happy to pay for that on memrise as well.
I set memrise homework for all my classes every week, they have to get a certain amount of points between Monday and Sunday evening, but I wish the weekly points wouldn’t disappear on a Sunday and that I could see which level they have learned.

This is not only interesting for you as a teacher but for every normal Memrise (even Non-Pro) user!

I requested it here:

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You can create a group, as the owner of the group you can add courses to see the progress of everyone in that group of the courses you add. You can olso see the points of the last 30 days, with some simple math you can see how much points everyone has gotten in the past week :slight_smile:. There are a few other options like dificult words, words learned and time spent on that cours etc. You only can’t see which levels have been completed.

If you are the creator of the cours and give nobody edit permissions, it is not possible to cheat so far I know, but there are some ways to get more points than usual. You get points by learning, reviewing and speedreview. When you do speedreview you can get in 5 m 100 words reviewd up to around 3600 points, one kind of a cheaty way is to learn words, review them for one time, (150 point p/word) and restart the cours. This way you can get a lot more points, but you can see in the group the words learned so when they get a lot of points without learning words and speedreview you can guess what is happening ;).

Hope this will help you


Can you tell me how many points you assign each week? I’m new to Memrise and trying to use it for a group of students who are all learning different languages. Like you, I would really like to assign topics rather than points.

Thank you in advance!