Set the number of answers in a course

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Hi guys,

I have been using Memrise for years now, and it was time for me to create some courses which I have done almost succesfully. It seems that I am not able to set the number of answers available. And this is a problem on mobile that can show 4 or 6 answers (which it is not possible to read properly. I have done my research and found nothing sadly.
Do you guys have the same problem ? Or even better a solution ?


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Well. I’m afraid there is no such feature existing. The number of answers are randomly generated whether it be 4, 6 or 8. It would be a nice feature though. If it was an accessible feature then it would have to be between a certain number. I think 4-8 as anything below 4 would be too simple, and anything above 8 would be too many. Quick question, why do you think this feature could benefit users? And would it be necessary? Just curious.
Sorry I couldn’t help :frowning_face:. But would be nice to have.

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Thanks to you, you helped me quite a lot actually. Knowing that it is not possible is already a time saver.

It is not that I really need it. It becomes a problem on mobile, that you cannot see the answers properly. It works perfectly with 4 but not with 6 :frowning:

Thanks again

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Glad I could help :blush: