Session doesn't load

I’ve got this super frustrating scenario in which my Memrise Spanish (Spain) 1 session won’t load after I have learned 438 out of 448 words.

Hi @DaRealNoah :slight_smile:

I can not see your figure. But I believe you’re talking about a known bug that is scheduled to be fixed (if this is not the bug, please let me know, that I will delete my comment).

If it is that, you can follow the subject through the link posted by MemriseMatty (Memrise Team):

It’s the same situation I mentioned earlier to another user. I will put below the previous post:

Hi @Milamy,
thank you very much for the information :slight_smile:

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For recent days i see similar problem with session start.
When i choose “learn new words” i get warning
“Could not load the session. Sorry.”.

In developer console i see:
Request URL:

Request Method: GET
Status Code: 400
Remote Address:

So, i think is a kind of error on your site - page try to get from url, that really not acceptable.

For what it’s worth - when this happens, there is a problem with the current level/chapter that you are working on. If you can confirm that you have learned all words presented in the level, just go to on the next (i. e. click the level so that its words are being displayed) and then click the learn button. Once you have started the first learning-session, things should be back to normal, that is, you should be able to just click the learn button from the course’s main menu or your dashboard.

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