“Session already under way. “

(Paieye) #1

I did the free trial and learned some new words in Syrian Colloquial Arabic. I then sisned up as a subscriber. However, when I go to the new-words page, if I try to start learning new words, I get the above message, and can get no further. What am I doing wrong ?

(Amanda Norrsken) #2

That sounds really frustrating :frowning:

What devices are you using?

I am just wondering where your post should best be posted as this might not be a good place for it to be seen by anyone in the memrise team. It almost sounds like some kind of bug (although I honestly don’t know much about that kind of thing).

@alanh: do you have any bright ideas about where this post should best go? And who to tag of the memrise team?

(Mila) #3

Another important information is that the course was created by a user, and apparently the creator does not have an account in the forum:


Course Creator: https://www.memrise.com/user/courtneyaleiam/courses/teaching/

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(Paieye) #4


Morning, , Thankyou, I am using an iPhone 7 Plus. I hope that I did not do wrong to go to the Memrise forum, but I thought that I might find fellow-sufferers there, and so it proved to be. The suggestion of BigFont sounds excellent, and I shall be alerting others. Best wishes


Hi @amanda-norrsken,

I am not sure what causes that particular message to display but it sounds like there are two sessions running at the same time.

As @Milamy says, this is a ‘user-created’ course so paieye must have started it on the web version before being able to access it on the iOS app version. So it may just be a syncing issue. I would try logging on to the web version to see if there is an uncompleted learning session running there. If not, I would then try uninstalling the iOS app and then re-installing it to force it to sync.

Although it may not be a bug as such, this thread would be better placed in “iOS bugs” and you could tag MemriseMatty.

It would be good if the FAQ “Troubleshooting” section were to include a glossary of the ‘error messages’ with guidance on steps to take.