Српски језик/Serbian language

For those learning Serbian through my course and anyone else with any questions.


I just wanted to let you know that your course is rad. I’m sure you have put a lot of work in this course. I had selected your course among a lot of choices, thinking that it was the best of all the choices present. So far, I have no regrets!

What I like:

  • The fact that there is audio adjoined with it. Given that Serbian is a tonal language, I think it’s necessary to have audio files.
  • How your course is divided by themes.
  • How you integrate declensions within your courses. Declensions are a mess to learn, but the way you present it helps me.
  • I’m sure that the themes chosen really covers the basics, the essentials. I’m confident that with the material being thought, I could have a sufficient basis to go to Serbia.

One comment:

  • Some of the items you make us guess are very long sentences. I wonder if there wouldn’t be any way to make them shorter. There were mornings when I thought I would be giving 5 minutes on the exercises, but I ended up taking more time because of the long sentences. I guess some of them could be divided in two or three items. You could also have made us guess only parts of sentences.

e.g. the sentence “Њена најбоља другарица јој је купила књигу за рођендан.” (English: Her best friend (female) bought her a book for her birthday)
This was long to guess. There is a lot of grammatical material in one single sentence (gender agreement of Њен- and најбољ- with другарица, јој as the dative form of она, idiomatic construction “за рођендан”, etc.).

You could have done 3 items like this (that’s my suggestion; there are other possibilities):

  • Њена најбоља другарица
  • Она јој је купила књигу
  • за рођендан

That’s my main critique about the course. Otherwise, I really like it. I’m Canadian-born, but my sister-in-law is Serbian. She was really impressed by my grammar, how I made my declensions, and I’m not even done with this course yet! Again, I’m really confident this course will give me a solid basis.

Хвала пуно! То је одлични курс!

As someone who is trying to learn German I should have thought of that. It’s the kind of problem I run into occasionally. I guess the Европа level has the same problem. Plan is to write a bit about every country in Europe and then move to other continents. I’ll redo it. I’ll also go over other levels and make few sentences out of one. I’ll keep the longer sentences too. People can choose to ignore more difficult ones and maybe leave them for later.

Will rerecord a lot of other levels as it finally dawned on me that I can use my phone instead of the headset which does not really offer the best quality. I’ve especially noticed issues with stronger sounds like ч.

Хвала на коментару. Драго ми је да ти учење иде добро.