Separating words in tapping ("rearranging words") courses/databases with not-using-spaces languages

Hello, everyone. The first thing (well, pretty common one, I guess) I’d like to do is to say that I’m new in creating courses, this is my first message here, etc. So excuse me if my question has appeared on the forum before. Please, move the thread to an appropriate part of the forum if I’m wrong in where I’ve posted it.

I’m in the process of creating a Thai language course for my students. Thai language is known for it’s not using (ok, almost not using) spaces within sentences.

The first obvious thing I tried to do was, of course, type-testing. It works pretty fine when we talk about single words, but things change when it comes to sentences. As a person who spent here as a learner about four years for dozens (if not hundreds) Thai courses, I know pretty well that an offer to type in something like ทางช่องแคบบอสฟอรัสที่เชื่อมต่อกับทะเลมาร์มะรา several times a day make learners think about giving up studying Thai, or at least about giving up the particular course.

So the best way to test sentences in Thai I see is a tapping (“rearranging words”) test.

I have made a separate database for sentences. What I was able to understand so far is that I can uncheck the ‘type’ option in the database and separate Thai words with spaces there. The ‘rearrange order’ questions work well.

Unfortunately it leads to spaces appear in multiple-choice questions. I would like my students to read Thai sentences in a natural way when answering questions.

So what I really need is something like that:

The test sentence is, for example, เขาไปทำงานที่กรุงเทพฯ (“He went to work to Bangkok”)

In multiple-choice questions I’d like learners to see it in a natural way เขาไปทำงานที่กรุงเทพฯ along with other sentences without spaces.
In ‘rearrange words’ questions I’d like learners to rearrange separate Thai words เขา, ไป, ทำงาน, ที่, กรุงเทพฯ (at the moment no matter if there will appear other words from the database or not, it’s not the main problem so far).

So if there’s any way to make it like how I’ve described? Not to use spaces when we display multiple-choice options and to use rearrange-words options in questions?

ok! good to know