Selling Courses

Is it possible to sell your courses? I think it could boost content creation if so!

Years ago, back in the days when Memrise was still actively supporting the community in course creation and developing the community course platform, a few of us (including me) suggested funding it by allowing people who take courses to tip or even subscribe to their course creators, Patreon-style, with Memrise taking a percentage.

This was before they started Memrise Premium.

I do not know if they ever really considered this idea. I don’t recall that they ever gave a real response to these suggestions, so I don’t know if they noticed or what they thought.

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Just imagine the direction memrise could have taken if they went that route instead. They’d probably be the gold standard of community language learning, and probably much more popular.



The only problem I see with actually selling, rather than getting a credit acknowledgment perhaps, is that a lot of courses use material that is ONLY for non-commercial use, and creators would have to produce all their original information and photos.

What would happen when creators are no longer around?

Also what about the many of us who support courses that have been abandoned, we would have to take responsibility for the copyright.

We also discussed voting to make popular course more prominent rather than the number of people who had looked at courses (especially old courses) which puts a course at the top of the list.

Similarly a way of telling if a course is actively supported, has Audio etc.

I personally like the free access to create and use.

PS It’s my Cake day :cake: !


Congrats. It’s mine too! Hard to believe it’s already five years on the new forum.


I am taking a language course with a real physical teacher and this teacher is hesitating to upload all his material to memrise because she doesnt want to just share years of work with the public.

I like the free stuff and would never subscribe to premium so to me this business model seems flawed. But how successful are they with it? And how do the teachers on the premium platform get payed? do they all work for memrise?

They could set the course to private and just share the link with pupils.


Some time ago I suggested to Memrise to build a donation system for community courses, which could somewhat compensate creator’s efforts and bring small profit to their business. Though it’s not likely there’s a lot of money in play, but anyways, maybe it’s worth a try.

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Thanks @duaal, yes 5 years too on this new format Forum, though many more on MemRise and the many other previous Forums.