Self-Study Korean Course at Sejong Korean Language School in Singapore


Not sure if anyone would like to try out my own self-study course. I’ve started this course since December last year, and will be updating it weekly after every lesson :slight_smile: If you have any Korean questions, feel free to ask in this thread. I will ask my teacher in the following lesson, and add to this course if I find it useful.

The link is at:


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Is that at an absolute beginners level or intermediate? Quite some vocab useful for traveling and getting around.

Haha thanks for taking a look! It’s definitely NOT for absolute beginners ><

B stands for beginner. I stands for intermediate. This course starts with B2T2, which is Beginner 2 Term 2 of Sejong Korean Language School’s syllabus.

Hi, everyone! Now I got my son to his courses at and since I want to begin learning Korean language but I don’t have time for proper courses, I asked them of any possibilities to learn it by myself. They told me about Duolingo app and also about this website. I have some working opportunities in South Korea and I want to be sure that I understand every advice from my new co-workers and I could give my best. Thanks for reading and maybe you know other ways of learning that could hep me too. I am glad to be part of this community.