Selecting a new course gives previous courses lessons


Selecting a new course to review appears to work until you try to do a review.
The review will bring up the previous selected course.
This happens for all review types.
To avoid this issue you need to select the course twice.
This only started happening after the latest update

  • Your device make and model Samsung galaxyTab 2016
  • OS version Android version 8.1.0
  • Memrise app version 2021.4.19.0
  • Description of steps to reproduce the issue select a course to review from the course selection sidebar and start a review.
  • Do you have any screenshots of the problem? Please upload them here.

Thank you for reporting this.

We are currently looking into this (Internal code: MA-8097) and will release a fix for it as soon as possible.


The same here, very annoying!!

Plus, on official courses, course content is mixed up - for example I see learning topics from a German course on my Russian courses (see the screenshot)…

@snemelk thank for reporting this. We are fixing this as part of the same issue. We will start rolling out the fix for this today. So please keep an eye out for an update on the playstore.

Apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.


I just installed the update and the course selection is working again.

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