Searching your groups/classes quicker

Hi everyone,
I teach in a secondary school and our students love memrise. We have just introduced it and it’s a total hit!
Now we have 35 classes and so I was wondering if it’s possible to find 1 group quickly with a search as so far I have to load the page 3 by 3 at a time and it’s a little tedious if the class I’m looking for is the last one created.
Thank you for your help!

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Unfortunately, I don’t believe such a function exists at the moment. I may well be wrong. But from what I can see I don’t think you can search for a group.

Could you set up your own groups for your class and add courses as you find them?

I have overall responsibility for Languages and I have set up all the classes in Memrise so I can tell who is working or not. However we have 35 classes so it’s a lot of classes to search through before getting to the right one.

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