Searching for courses have BUG for android

Hello people.

there is a problem with search and it’s really hard to find a course in android.

if you want to search a course that teach english to persian YOU can’t find it NEVER except you change the language of your phone witch is annoying…(the option that u choose what language u speaking in program not work for may show you the persian course but u can’t search…)

Please fix it. thank you

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Hello! =D
How come you didn’t respond to my message in the private chat? =)

This bug is still in 2018.

How to reproduce:

Use “Learn another course” on the left menu
Expand the language you want, then click “Or browse more courses”
The screen with "Courses for (primary language from smartphone config) appear
If you change that, even if is for the same language, the page always show that there’s no courses for the selected language.