Search function Decks Android

It would be nice to have a search function for my own courses. I’ve got a lot of courses and scrolling takes up too much time.


There is a ‘Filter results’ drop down menu on the top right on the desktop version. It filters by category. I don’t know how many topics in one category you have active, but that’s what helps me.

Sorry, should have been more specific. I meant the Decks Android version.

Oh interesting! We’re adding search for course discovery / adding courses. I don’t think we’ve thought about it for the dashboard.

How many courses do you have? And how many of those are you actively using?


I learn a few different (eight) languages parallel. (So I won’t get too bored with any one language.)

I used to concentrate on Japanese the most, so currently got 27 community courses. The other langues at most 9 (community courses), though a lot I barely began. I’m assuming it’s going to be way more with time.

I usually learn 2 to 4 languages and about 6 courses in one sitting.

However I change up a lot of courses in different sittings usually for reviewing purposes and because different courses concentrate on different aspects. Meaning just because I use these courses in this sitting doesn’t mean I will use them next time.

As to how many I actively use? No idea, I rotate them after all.

The search function I’d primarily use to search for older courses to review and to search for courses of one language.

While I personally don’t think I’d need a search function (62 courses so far here) I’d definitely appreciate to be able to filter by a given language (7 or so here I think) in the app!

I’d also appreciate a search option on the app or the option for courses with new reviews to show up first in my menu. It can get annoying having to go through a list to see if there are any courses that need reviewing.
Alternatively, an option to review or learn several courses at once would also be great😃