Scrolling to top (or bottom) after backing out of level


(Kik4444) #1

The title pretty much sums it up. Every now and then I decide to go on a huge manual reviewing session through the app where I review each level separately. What I do is click on the title of the course to get to the screen where the levels are going downwards and click on the “REVIEW” button on each of them so I can review them thoroughly. However whenever I back out of a level after finishing it or otherwise I get sent back to the top (or bottom if you’re at the planets screen, either way your screen gets sent to level 1), which is really frustrating especially on courses with several hundreds of levels.

Surely this is a bug, right? If so can it be fixed?

(Neto) #2

The auto scrolling when you leave a level manually is extremely annoying.

If they want a “go to the top” feature it should be a button or gesture. I’d wager most users that went to level 8, want to leave it and still be in the spatial context of level 8 instead of scrolling to level 46 or 1.

I think it’s a glaring bug or UX omission and really hope the devs realize it soon.

(Olaf Rabbachin) #3

I’ve filed a feature request for this here, more than half a year ago. No response (as pretty much always).