[Screenshot] Please help me identify this word

Can someone help me with this word “威妨”. I came across it while playing Persona 5, in this scene there is a detective speaking:


Google results in Japanese get me basically nothing, and I can’t say for sure either. What I can day is that with police lingo, abbreviations are common. Like 行動確認 becomes 行確. So I’m sure it must be an abbreviation. My best guess is something like threats and obstruction.


I know that I am very late to this thread, but using Rikaichan I think I can translate that. It might be wrong, but I think it´s something like:

“Coldhearted detective:
Intimidation, defamation, assembling with dangerous weapons.”

Might it be a context where the detective is telling someone the crimes he´s being charged for?

威妨に脅迫 seems to be the whole word for intimidation. When using rikaichan to see what 威妨 means I get no results for this kanji compound as a word, but 威 seems to mean “power, authority” and 妨 seems to be “disturb, obstruct”, so maybe the meaning of the compound might be something like “obstruction of the authority”?

Again, I´m not 100% sure of this being correct, but it shouldn´t be too far from the real translation either.

I hope this was helpful!

Hey, I know I’m like, 6 years late to this party, but I was replaying Persona 5 and I ran into the same thing. I did a bit of digging and came across the term 威力業務妨害 which is to obstruct business through the use of force. Ert_an32 mentioned that abbreviations are common in police lingo, and this term is frequently used in reference to this phenomenon occurring as a crime, so I think they hit the nail on the head.
Seems like the 6 kanji long term 威力業務妨害 was shortened to 威妨。