Screen won't refresh

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  • Description of the issue: Please describe the issue in detail. e.g. do you see an error message? What is the issue preventing you from doing do? What should be the expected behaviour? Does this happen only on certain courses, levels, items, learning modes or devices?

  • Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Android v9

  • Memrise app v2.94_25040

  • Screenshot_20210302-094451_Memrise|243x500

Hi @boemeltje,

Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue.

In the attempt to fix this, can you please uninstall the app, restart your device and then reinstall it? This tends to refresh the system and solve the error.

If the issue persists after trying the steps above, please send us the following information:

  • Which course(s), levels, items or sections in the app this occurs with and does it happen when you press a certain button or finish a lesson?

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Memrise team


Most likely a loose connector. Are there any repair shops in your area? See if they can reseat the connector; hopefully that will help.