Scratchard 'scratching place' won't open(REPOST)

I suppose you all heard about the new memrise contest. It will come to an end today. I got a notification saying scratch your last card by completing a lesson. I opened app as usual and got a pop-up. I did a general study and the scratching place didn’t show up? I then completed a section, and still nothing. Could someone please help? This is important for me since it keeps me motivated. And this time scratch card will give twice as the points I got yesterday. What should I do?

Well, I didn’t even get a scratchcard at all!
Would be happy to see a response by the memrise team here.

I can confirm that the campaign wasn’t “smooth”. I didn’t get the scratchcard every day either. The leaderboard also never showed up (which was confirmed to be a problem here on the forums).

@MemriseSupport: are you guys aware of this?